Monday, August 24, 2009

Pag-ibig Citihomes Malanang, Opol - A home for every Filipino

Johndorf Ventures Corporation

Model Name :
Florida 1
Lot Area :
110 sqm (Residential) / 90 sqm (Commercial)
Floor Area :
32 sqm
Roofing :
Pre-painted GA 28
Roof :
G.I. Metal Framing
Ceiling :
Light Metal Framing, Concrete Board 3.2mm
Walls :
Reinforced Concrete
Solid (Buhos) (Not Conventional Hollow Blocks)
Inner : Plain Cement Finished
Outer: Colored Sand Blast (smooth)
Doors :

Flush Main Door w/ knob
Flush Back Door w/ knob
PVC Bedroom Door w/ knob
PVC CR Door w/ knob

Windows :
Aluminum Jalousies
Partition(s) :

1 Bedroom, light metal framing

Kitchen :

Cement counter top w/ enamel sink
w/ faucet
w/o cabinet

Bathroom / Comfort room :
Smooth Cement Finished
Flush Type w/ Shower Head & Faucet
W/ Provision for Lavatory
Prices / Packages :

Total Contact Price:
Loanable Amount to HDMF Php 400,000.00
Reservation Fee Php 5,000.00
Processing Fee
Php 50,000.00
Financing Scheme :
Maximum of 30 years loan term to HDMF
6% interest per annum
Monthly Amortization of Php 2,398.2 (w/o MRI,

Real Estate Salesman: Marissa Costales
DTI Lic.# RES-2009-10-06-01511 (R)
Project Location: Malanang,Opol, Misamis Oriental,Mindanao,Philippines
Project Description: BP-220 Socialized Housing
Land Area: 100 hectare
Date Started: April 2007
No. of House:5,000, single detached units,32 sqm.f.a.
Lot Size: 120sqm.,110sqm., 100sqm., 90sqm.
Loan Amount:phP 400,000.00
HDMF Interest rate: 6%p.a.
Monthly Amortization:PhP 2,398.20(Estimate only w/o MRI., F.I.)

Reservation fee:Php.5,000
HDMF Monthly Amortization (w/o insurances)
Loan term
30years = 2,398.20
25years = 2,577.2
20years = 2,865.72
15years = 3,375.42

HDMF Monthly Amortization (w/ insurances)
Loan term
Add MRI:Php.164.00
Add FI: Php.109:00

30years = 2,671.30
25years = 2,850.3
20years = 3,138.82
15years = 3,648.53
10years = 4,713.92

Watch the actual video of Pag-ibig Citihomes

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